Know more in Nampally Traffic Police Station

Authorised Parking Area

Public Garden
Nampally Taxi Stand.
Near Public Gardens   (After Mysamma Temple between Osmania Gate bus bay and State Museum)
Nampally Taxi Stand (Along southern side gate of MCH Sarai, Nampally Taxi Stand)
A.C.Guards  (In front of Income Tax Towers left side)
A.C.Guards  (In front of Martoor Apartments removing footpath )
Oman Air GSA RL Travels, Opp. M.B.Gate, Nampally Public Garden (Eastern side on road near Oman Air GSA RL Travels, Nampally Public Gardens leading towards Uday Hospital)
Daru Salam (Near Deccan Engineering College adjacent to the wall of the college)
A.C.Guards near Niloufer Hospital
Shanti Nagar Lane(Opp.Mahaveer Hospital Behind JNTU)
(South side of FSL building removing footh path)
Nampally Municipal Park (Beside Municipal Office near My Rose café at Nampally Chicken Market
Shanti Nagar Lane (Opp Mahaveer Hospital in between MMTC-INCAP )
MNJ Cancer Hospital(Along the western side wall of the MNJ Cancer Hospital)
Yousufian Dargah (Along the western side of the road leading to Uma Nagar near Yousufian fast food near Yousufian X Roads)
Haj House, P.G.Road  (On the Western side gate of Haj House)

May Rose Café Junction  (Near May Rose café junction on the western side wall of Al-Subhan Bakers)



One way Restriction



Major U Turns


Traffic Junction
Nam pally Chapel Road AR Petrol Pump Ek Minar Mosque X Roads
Yousufian Dargah X Roads Bazar Ghat X Roads PCR X Roads


Schools Zones

On the stretch from Tekki Mosque to Charkandil including the lanes and by-lanes on both sides of this stretch
On the stretch from Taj Island to Bazarghat X road
On the stretch from AC Guards to Shanthinagar


Towing Zones

On the road from Park Hotel to Chapel road
Chapel road to A1 Nampally junction  
Taj Island to Bazarghat junction  
Taj Island to Chapel road junction  
Niloufer Hotel to Singareni Bhavan  
Ganga Jamuna Hotel to Wood Bridge Hotel  
Near AR petrol pump  


Stretches and time where Traffic is at peak in the Police Station Limits
Chapel Road to A1 Nampally junction and vice versa 0930 hrs to 1130 hrs & 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs
Taj Island to Bazarghat X road and vice versa 1100 hrs to 2200 hrs
Ek-Minar junction to Nampally Railway station (ingate)


Places and Events Causing more Traffic congestion in the Limits
Haj House Haj Pilgrimage
Industrial Exhibition at Exhibition Grounds
Chapel road to A1 Nampally junction and vice versa All India Industrial Exhibition at Exhibition Grounds
Taj Island to May Rose café and vice versa All India


Places that Attract more Traffic in Some Seasons and Festival
During Winter season when All India Industrial Exhibition is held at Exhibition Grounds, Nampally
During Monsoon when Bonalu Jatara Celebrations take place at Bazarghat
During Ramzan festival from Ek-Minar to Mallepally Mosque
During Ganesh Festival at Bazarghat where Ganesh Idol is installed